Frequently Asked Questions

How does compression assist in post-surgical healing?

Compression garments are engineered to provide constant levels of compression during the recovery process. Compression is recommended to accelerate recovery and ensure optimal results.  Spandex, shapers, or activewear are not optimal for the healing process, nor is it designed for long term wear. 


How long should I wear the compression garments?

The length of time vary by physician and patient’s healing process. Many physicians instruct patients to wear compression garments 24/7 for the first 1-3 weeks after surgery. Only to be taken off during shower. The following 4-9 weeks its recommended to be worn all day and allowed to be taken off at night.

Please consult with physician to verify how long you should be wearing your compression garment.


Why should I order more than one garment?

It's recommended to order more than one garment for hygiene, optimal comfort, and wearing time. For better healing conditions it's best to have a second garment to wear while the other is being washed.


What is first stage garment?

Our 1st stage garments are meant to be worn within the first few week after surgery. It's designed for ease of use immediately after any procedure. Stage 1 garments support healing, and our soft fabric eliminates any skin irritations. First stage garments have zippers, and hook and eye closures. Please note some garments can be used for both steps.

Please consult with physician to verify which style best suits you and your surgical procedure.


What is second stage garment?

Our 2nd stage garments are typically worn within 4-6 weeks after surgery. Second stage garments allow patients to continue the healing process as normal daily activities resume. Our second stage garments are zipper-less or without hook and eye. Please note some garments can be used for both steps

Our second stage garments are pull on type please consult with physician to verify if you are ready for this garment and to verify which style best suits you and your surgical procedure.


How can I know my size?

In order to obtain the best-fitting garment you will need a tape measure and a friend. Adjust your posture, resist the urge to flex, and suck in your stomach. If you're taking your own measurements try to do so standing sideways towards a mirror, in order to make sure the tape measure is level.

The tape measure should not dig into the skin and should not be loose or slide down. Please see our size chart for the measuring points.


As a reminder, when trying on a Isavela product, please:

  • Avoid using lotions, perfumes, oils, or deodorants that may stain or scent the Isavela product.
  • Be sure to completely cover incision sites to avoid blood or body fluid from staining the product.
  • Avoid storing the product in areas that are subject to strong odors, such as cigarette smoke, or allergens (such as pet hair dander).
  • If just showered, completely dry yourself before trying on garment.


How can I pay for my orders?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal


Can I change or cancel my order?

Yes, you change or cancel your order at any time before the order has been shipped. Once your order has shipped you will no longer have the option to cancel or change the order. Must follow our normal return process for an exchange or refund.


How do I return or exchange a garment?

For further information please find our warranty and return policy tab.


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